“I LOVE this animation, Elena. It’s fantastic. I love how you incorporated the dots from the logo. Thanks for all the great work!”
Ashley Coates
Marketing + Communications Director

“I must give a special shout out to a creative force who has consistently done outstanding design work for us other the years, graphic designer Elena Welch of WelchCreative. Elena managed our complex mailing lists. She produced the rich, detailed program invitations and the glorious event display posters, one of which is now standing in Plymouth Place in La Grange and one of which I would like to place in our Chicago Daley Center Loop Campus lobby.”
Susan McGury
Associate Professor
DePaul University of Chicago
School of Continuing and Professional Studies

You do wonderful work. Thank you so much for the attention to detail and incredibly quick turnaround times. We appreciate your professionalism and sense of urgency regarding our priority project. You are amazing, Elena!
Judith Lanning
Director – Human Resources
Gillig, Inc.

Thank you so much for supporting West County Health Centers and all your incredible design work over the past 14+ years, its always a pleasure working with you!
Jennifer Neeley
Associate Director of Development
West County Health Centers

That was perfection. Thank you so much for your excellent work on this report – it really conveys the material in an engaging way and has exactly the visual impact we were hoping for.
Joshua Sturtevant
Marketing Manager
RW3 CultureWizard

Working with you is always a pleasure. You make everything easy. And you make ideas become reality!
Nancy Jo Wood, Burning Man Festival, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

I have enjoyed the great pleasure of working with Elena Welch on more than 14 websites (more to come). I can say, without exaggeration, her work has far exceeded my expectations and the post-sale customer service blows the doors off of any competitor. I can only offer my very highest recommendation.
Michael Cynar, Digital Marketing
Manager, MAP Communications

Sounds like we have a happy client. Woo hoo! Always a pleasure working with you!
Margaret Lawlor, e-Marketing Strategist, Triad Analytics, Inc.

The Beacher ad dropped this week, and has driven a LOT of people into the shop! Thanks for your help as always.
Rachel Collins, Owner,
Flagship Specialty Foods
& Fish Market

Looks flipping amazing!! You are brilliant. As always an absolute pleasure working with you! You are amazingly talented.
Marie Vidal, Administrative Manager, CooperVision, Inc.

Perfect! You’re a miracle worker. 🙂 I appreciate the fast response! Pat liked the diagram you did so well she wants a second like it but with different text.
Tanis Knight, Senior Program Manager, Teaching Channel

Wow, you are quick and I love it.
It is beautiful.
Yumi Kikkuchi, Cofounder,
Fukushima Kids Hawaii

Love it. Solves perfectly!
Thanks a million.
Anne Armento, Marketing Strategist, CooperVision, Inc.

You never cease to amaze me. I love it. I love the logo too.
Karlene Ayerza,
Marketing Director, Virgin Vapor

Thank you so much Elena for your incredible artistry, your insights, and your expertise! It has been such a joyous experience working with you on this project! You opened up the door for discovery and possibilities throughout this process! I am so grateful to you!
You are remarkable!
Laura Stilwell
Jazz Vocalist, Choreographer,
Recording Artist, Educator

Elena Rocks! Thanks for the referral! Elena’s first drafts are awesome, and she sent them to me within 24 hours — I’ll send you the final so you can see (she’ll probably be done tomorrow). She’s fantastic!!
Ali Handal, Musician, Songwriter,
Recording Artist

Content, look and feel very updated and current—well done. Good step forward in updating our outward appearance and making it look like change is afoot!!!!
Shaun Schooley,
VP Digital Strategies
CooperVision, Inc.

I am really pleased with how the brochures turned out. They paint a very polished and professional brand standard! Cheers to you for creating a great piece of collateral that really elevates the WebSystems3 branding!
Chelsea King, ImageX Print,
National Account Executive

THANK YOU!!! THEY LOOK AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!! Our editors loved the Look Books especially Cap E. They said it was the best ever that we’ve had.
Melissa Ladines,
Global Publicist for Levi’s Women

I just received 2 copies of the Women’s Cap E & LVC sales tools and they look GREAT. Thanks!! I squeezed in a tools recap during the meeting with the Cap E team on their recent tradeshow. The feedback I received was “the tools are perfect and we love them and don’t change a thing.” I guess this explains why I haven’t been receiving phone calls : ) Everything seems to be working for them.
Nicole Arguello, Manager,
Sales Operations
Levi Strauss & Co.

All printed materials arrived on time and looked fabulous… as usual…. thanks to you! The event was really wonderful – over 450 attended. Thanks again for your help making our event a big success.
Karen Mitchell
Executive Assistant
West County Health Centers

I LOVE the homepage design! Yes, go ahead and make this live. I really like the gray color in the footer and how you make all of the colors connect—Wow! I like how you styled the text in the header banner and placed the quote at the top right of the page! Yay! You are SUCH an artist, Elena! So fabulous!! Thank you so much!
Laura S.
Leone Dance Theater