Map Communications

Challenge: We are proud to have an ongoing working relationship of 18+ years handling the marketing and branding needs of this large US-based call center provider. WelchCreative re-branded MAP Communications in 2002 and has provided two website redesign upgrades for MAP over the years. We have also designed sales kits, marketing materials and produced video and animated presentations for MAP. The ongoing challenge is fine tuning design and branding for the rapid and consistent expansion of this company. Every year MAP purchases new small call centers and upgrades services with their proprietary software and infrastructure. We are tasked to evolve branding and website content of the local while preserving the integrity of the existing business and connecting with their existing clientele.

Solution: Branding and websites are evolved and modernized while respecting the core look and feel of the original site. Content is designed to lean into services that apply specifically to the geographic region. Each site is unique with local color while at the same time modernized and evolved to fit as an extension of the umbrella company.

Results: Existing clients and staff are excited and energized with the services upgrade rather than feeling alienated by a take-over. New clients are attracted by the more modernized digital services offering and the upgraded look and feel of the website and branding. New acquisitions have experienced the success of old customer retention as well as new customer growth. →


Active Project list:

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