Challenge: The stylist/owner of this salon prides herself in staying current and makes sure she and her staff attend seminar training for the latest trends and techniques. This was not reflected in the old website. The challenge was to update the old site to feature her modern style, products and services without alienating her more mature and steady clientele.

Solution: Elevate branding, look and feel to modern style. Introduce new fashion-forward products and services with fun supportive images and content. Maintain friendly and organized information for all ages to navigate and enjoy. Build in new convenient features including an appointment request form, special offers page and custom gift certificates.

Results: Current customers are excited by the new site and come in with creative ideas for services they have seen featured on the site. The staff and owner are excited to share the modern site and as a result are bringing in new clients. The biggest change has been more requests for cutting-edge services such as balayage coloring techniques and higher-end more profitable treatments which has caused a nice bump in the average per session price.