Challenge: Create a new brand logo and retail website for chef, caterer and retailer of custom bakery goods, relishes and savory items. Meet a tight deadline for an upcoming trade show. Work within the tight budget of a start-up business.

Solution: We recommended a logo design that reflects a classic homespun feel using comfortable soft colors that point to the owners Southern heritage and influences. We selected a powerful and flexible Wordpress Woocommerse template that is modern and clean with functionality that serves the business now and will meet the growing future needs of this talented entrepreneur. We divided the projects into phases in order to stair step the budget and work most efficiently to ensure we met the trade show deadline. We completed the sections of the site needed for the tradeshow and linked the remaining pages back to the original existing catering site so we could work efficiently saving time and cost. We created appetizing modern graphic slider banners with warm statements reflecting the owners business philosophy. We paired provided snap shots of the culinary dishes with more professional stock photography in order to build out the project quickly while still maintaining better quality photography where possible. We adjusted shopping cart feature so that customers were directed to phone or email to place their orders during this initial phase of the project.

Results: Our happy client was able to showcase his branded "phase one" site to rave reviews at the trade show. It was right before the winter holidays and many orders were taken right at the show. An email announcement of the new company website sent to his mailing also brought in holiday sales. Boxes were stamped and shipped with the new logo which branded and elevated the look and feel of our client's quality products. The company was pleased we could develop a plan to meet their budget without sacrificing quality. We have just received go-ahead for phase two of the branding project. →


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